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Senior Network Engineer

Mount Laurel, NJ
Technology (Technology - Network Engineering)

Job Description

Business Unit:

Job Summary:
Responsible for operating, deploying, managing, and continuouslyimproving Comcast's Voice, Video, Commercial, Data, Home Security,Systems, and Network services as well as associated infrastructure in a7/24 environment. Examples of infrastructure include, but are notlimited to: routers, CMTS, switches, optical and TDM transport,applications, servers, IP scopes, data bases, etc. Position focuses ondeploying and stabilizing new products, code, technologies, services,networks, systems, tools, and

protocols; drivesstandardization,automation, and service focused instrumentation; provides subject matterexpertise; resolves complex break/fix scenarios, engaging broader teamsas necessary and partners with/leads engineering, vendors, and regionsto achieve continuous improvement.

Serve as highest tier operationssupport for various field, CARE, vendors, and customer focusedorganizations. Leads all command and control-related activities focusedon restoration of complex outages, communication across Comcast, andrapid restoration. Works and directly leads external vendors, thirdparties, and associated agencies when necessary to address issues acrossthe PSTN, peering arrangements, inter-operability issues, etc. Functions with great autonomy and provides solutions and guidanceindependently on other engineers' projections, initiatives, andtroubleshooting. Leads internal and external resources to achievedesired results. Frequently provides direction to senior technical andmanagement leadership.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Skills in Areas of Focus: SYSTEMS- Design, code, test, deploy andevaluate highly reliable programs/scripts in Perl, C, C++, etc. Administers and deploys configuration changes in a Weblogic, Unix, Linuxenvironments. Develops and implements fail over procedures to mitigateimpacts resulting from failures in the application or infrastructure. NETWORK- Load balancer, firewalls, routers, CMTS, associated protocols,advanced troubleshooting, protocols, multi and uni-caste, MPLS, IPmanagement, DNS, traffic management, and sparing. VOICE- PSTN, SIP,routing, Cedar Point, Cisco, IMS, SS7, carrier to carriertroubleshooting, etc. COMMERCIAL- Axerra, Ciena, Juniper, Layers 1, 2,3, ENS, and associated services. VIDEO- DSG and 2way conduitapplications, channel migration from the headend to the CRAN, set-tops,IP video deliver-i.e. RPD's, OM-1000's, and NC-1500's, MPEGtroubleshooting, through a variety of highly complex analytical dutiesin the testing and evaluation of Comcast's network,
  • Performs a variety of advanced analytical duties in the planning,deployment, testing and evaluation of Comcast's network, products, andservices including CRAN, CMTS, and the IP platform, Voice, Data,Commercial, Systems, and Video platform. Works closely with engineering,vendors, and field to identify and drive improvements across thetopology.
  • Directs third party agencies (i.e. AT&T, Verizon,) internal resourcesand external resources while troubleshooting and resolving complexpeer-to-peer or vendor/supplier troubles focusing on rapid restoration. Devises and implements strategies for solving complex technical issuesdirectly impacting internal and external customers or increasingperformance across broad ecosystems.
  • Develops, produces, and reviews documentation, instructional, andprocedural manuals for other employees to utilize to resolve complexproblems or make network improvements. Examples include: complexprocesses for acceptance of new products (i.e. cable modems, systems,etc,) testing such as operational readiness, tools focused on automation(i.e. IP scope tool,) etc. Continuously identifies and implements broadchanges required to improve automation, instrumentation, andstandardization.
  • Supports all of the XNOC tools and alarms; analyzes systems needs anddetermines prioritization of break/fix scenarios; implements codechanges and suggests improvements. Ensures the availability ofnetworking services; studies, evaluates, analyzes, and monitors the network and services to determine problem areas and or areas of concern. Monitors, isolates, triages, and resolves outages and impairments. Identifies and implements opportunities for improvement across XNOC,XOC, and broader upstream and downstream internal and externalorganizations.
  • Ensures databases, applications, hardware, and other related resourcesare properly maintained and devises strategies to improve performance. Provides subject matter expertise for all network equipment and providestechnical training and support to other operational groups. Updatescode and software to ensure proper system performance. Continually looksfor ways to broadly improve services.
  • Provides clear, crisp, and concise technical communication andcoordination during outage scenarios. Ensures Legal, executives, PublicRelations, and others are apprised of impact, status, and associatedrisks.
  • Directly executes changes, in the network and across systems, focusedon deploying new services, implementing changes, and stabilizingproducts following established change management processes. Accountablefor configuration management techniques ensuring infrastructure iscorrectly aligned and fully compliant with standards.
  • Accountable for understanding and managing services across highlycomplex ecosystems cutting across multiple technologies, vendors,products, organizations, people, companies, and solutions. Requiresdetailed understanding of complex interdependencies/intradependencies. Accountable for providing technical assessment of complex changes acrosseco-systems to ensure resolving potential conflicts before impactingintra-/inter- related vertical systems. Develops and reports on metricswhich show system uptime and overall service desk compliance to ITILstandard.
  • Possesses expert depth and breadth of knowledge across four or moremajor ecosystems/technologies requiring high degree of technicalcompetency advanced training. Possesses outstanding verbal and writtencommunication skills. Displays expert depth in related areas of focusand is viewed as the SME across Comcast on related functions andsupport. Demonstrates the ability to rapidly resolve multi-milliondollar, high-profile customer impacts. Provides consultative guidanceacross internal and external sources. Frequently called upon byorganizations throughout Comcast and outside of Comcast to provideexpertise. Provides training and coachingto NSAR, CARE, sub-set of field organizations, peers, and more juniorengineering operations.
  • Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in mattersof significance.
  • Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to worknights and weekends, variable schedule(s) as necessary.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Job Specification:

  • Valid CCNP, JNCIS, Strongly preferred
  • Bachelors Degree Equivalent
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Generally requires 7-11 years related experience

Comcast is anEOE/Veterans/Disabled/LGBT employerand all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex or any other legally protected category.